2 at Home Enema Recipes For Candida

Many people suffer from Candida through out their lives, and never have any clue that they do. Some people who do know that they suffer from Candida want to know if there are any home enema recipes for Candida. They are in luck, as there are.

The first home enema recipe for Candida is very simple. You will need an enema kit. Some distilled water. Hydrogen peroxide, and a place that you can administer the kit. Start by placing the distilled water in the enema bottle. Add hydrogen peroxide to the distilled water. You will want your mixture to be 3 or 4 parts water to every 1 part peroxide.

The reason this works is due to the amount of oxygen created from the peroxide and the distilled water. It works great as a home enema recipes for Candida because the fungus doesn’t survive well in a rich oxygen environment. This is my preferred home enema recipe for Candida.

The second home enema recipe for Candida is a garlic enema. Boil three cloves of chopped fresh garlic in two quarts of water and allow it to simmer for five minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of epsom salt and use the solution when it is still warm. Garlic has been a known combatant of Candida and yeast infections. Epsom salt has long been known to draw out negative chemicals and other unwanted things in the body.

The reason that an enema is a good solution is due to the fungus living in and growing from the lower abdominal tract. Without proper care, this fungus and easily grow and spread to other parts of the body. In fact, it starts here before being noticeable in other parts of the body.

Source by Paul Blanco

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