Accidentally Wes Anderson: When real life meets film fantasy

Fortunately, Wes Anderson himself has reacted well to the project. “When he gave us his blessing to move ahead, we were thrilled,” says Koval. “But when he saw the finished piece and agreed to pen a few words – reading those few short paragraphs was the perfect stamp of approval in perfect fashion.”

Accidentally Wes Anderson raises interesting questions about fact versus fiction, and reality versus fantasy. So which is better, ‘accidental’ or ‘actual’ Wes Anderson? “I see one as being an extension of the other, and each interesting in their own right,” is Koval’s view. Wes Anderson himself puts it another way in his foreward to the book: “I now understand what it means to be accidentally myself. Thank you. I am still confused what it means to be deliberately me, if that is even what I am, but that is not important. I send my very best wishes and much gratitude to this group for discovering and sharing all these peculiar and fascinating vistas.”

Accidentally Wes Anderson by Wally Koval is published by Orion.

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