Body of ‘Everything will be OK’ protester exhumed to absolve police of the killing

Myanmar authorities exhumed the body of a 19-year-old woman who was shot dead wearing a T-shirt that read “Everything will be OK” and their examination exonerated police from the killing, state television MRTV said on Saturday. Kyal Sin, widely known as Angel, died on Wednesday from a shot to the head as protesters came under fire from security forces trying to end demonstrations against the February 1 coup. She has become an icon of the protest movement.
The exhumation of Kyal Sin has brought fresh outrage from opponents of the coup, who accuse the junta of trying to conceal the fact she was killed by their forces. State television said police, a judge and doctors had exhumed the body and carried out a surgical investigation. They found a penetration wound in the back of the head and a piece of lead measuring 1.2 cm by 0.7 cm in the brain and said that it was different from the tips of bullets used by the police. State television said police had been face-to-face with the protesters and the wound was at the back of the head and that the object which killed Kyal Sin could be fired from a gun able to shoot .38 calibre bullets. “Therefore, it can be assumed that those who do not want stability conducted the assassination,” MRTV said.
On social media, coup opponents called the exhumation as an insult to Kyal Sin and her family, with the intention of giving a false account of what happened. A military spokesman did not answer calls seeking comment. Reuters was unable to contact police for comment.

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